Dante | West Omaha

Holiday Party Catering Packages

Packages are intended for 10 people, and can be doubled or tripled.
Package are available every Thursday – Sunday, 48 hours advance notice needed. 

Lasagna & Greens $99:
Half-pan lasagna
Half-pan greens
Bottle of wine (you pick: red, white, sparkling)

Short Rib or Porchetta Dinner $399:
You pick protein: short rib or porchetta
Wood-roasted carrots w/ pistachio & honey
Creamy polenta w/ grana padanoDante greens
Butterscotch gelato

Various Meat & Cheese w/ Tigelle $99
Made-in-house ricotta
Homeycomb & jam
Various hard & soft cheese
Proscuitto & various hard salami 
Tigelle & Focaccia 

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