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Friuli Wine Class

Update: Our wine class on the 30th Sold Out, so we added a second day, Sunday, January 31st. When you sign up, you are attending the wine class on Sunday, January 31st.

Join us for our Friuli focused wine class on Saturday, January 30th (SOLD OUT) or Sunday, January 31st. at 2:30pm. Sip on 5 wines while learning about this fascinating region and enjoy some complimentary snacks. Limited seating is available to ensure proper social distancing. Sommelier Paul Foss invites you to join us!

“Friuli produces wines of iconic character and elegance. With influences from France and Austria the region has become an area for elegant wine beloved by kings and nobles. Friuli is the birthplace of Prosecco. It’s cool mountainous climate produces white wine with beautiful acidity and a luscious body. We’re excited for you to try the Friulian way with us!”

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