Christmas Carryout + Holiday Lasagna

Holiday Feast

Each Dante Feast feeds four and includes an easy to reheat Prime Rib, four delicious sides, and dessert. The Dante Feast (pictured) includes:

40 oz of Sliced Prime-Rib w/ Natural Jus, Roasted & Cut

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Lobster Mac & Cheese w/ Maine lobster

Caesar Salad

Dinner Rolls

Eggnog Gelato

Bring the Dante Christmas Feast home for $225 (plus tax). The meal can be doubled or quadrupled depending on the amount of guests, as the suggested serving size of four is a rough estimate based on the portions provided.

The Prime Rib will come pre-cooked and pre-sliced (4 slices), but will need to be heated. The pasta for the mac and cheese will need to be cooked (easy to follow instructions provided). 8 dinner rolls are provided, and the Caesar salad just needs to be dressed before serving (everything included). All the items will be easy to reheat and packaged in individual containers with instructions. 

The Christmas Feast is available to order until we sell out (order links will be inactive) and will be available for pick up December 23rd between 12:00 – 2:00pm.

Holiday Lasagna

Our Delicious Lasagna is available to order (48 hours notice) and pick up everyday before 5pm. The lasagna will be sent home cold, please allow 90 minutes to cook. Each half-pan can be sliced into 9 servings (10”x12”) and costs $99 (plus tax).