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Sicily & Sardinia Wine School

Sicily & Sardinia Wine School

Saturday, January 13th w/ Eleonora Formica

If you love Italian wine, dive into the rich history of Sicilian & Sardinian wines and join Eleonora on Saturday, January 13th at 2pm at Dante. Tickets are only $25!

From Carlentini, Sicily to Omaha

You loved when she visited in 2023, and we are excited to welcome Eleonora Formica from Carlentini, Sicily, Omaha’s sister city to Dante! Eleonora began her professional career in 2005 as a Sommelier and tour guide, with a strong passion for art, language, food, singing and most importantly, wine. Eleonora is the President of an international association whose main purpose is becoming officially sister cities and strengthening cultural ties between the U.S. and Italy. Many Omaha families hail from Lentini and Carlentini, and this is a treat to have such a spirited and incredible individual to help you understand the dynamic wines of Sicily!

You will enjoy seven wines during this wine tasting.

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