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what is napoletana pizza?

“Neapolitan” refers to anything done in the fashion of Naples, a port city in southern Italy. The tradition of Neapolitan pizza is preserved today by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, or Vera. This organization, headquartered in Naples, certifies that pizzerias all over the world uphold the traditions of Neapolitan pizza making.

Ingredients – The dough must be made with type 00 flour, the sauce from San Marzano tomatoes and the cheese must be fresh buffalo- or cow-milk mozzarella. Dante uses house-made cow-milk mozzarella from our local farm partner, Branched Oak Farm.

Oven – The pizza is cooked in a wood-burning oven at about 800 degrees.

Technique – The dough is kneaded by a low-speed mixer. The crust is stretched by hand, and the pizzas are cooked in 90 seconds.

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